Lornat Inc

LorNat Inc. is an industrial and commercial, maintenance and repair company dedicated to fulfilling clients’ needs in a safe, satisfactory, and timely manner.

Field Services

Many of our clients rely on our quick and efficient management of multiple facilities via our field services division. Field services is a very management intensive and costly division for individual  companies to absorb into their operational budgets. Traditionally this portion of operations has been largely neglected due to these challenges, but equally executives, managers, and operations are very quick to point out the extreme competitive advantage of this service. 

Our Field Services division quickly responds to emergency situations at satellite facilities and client locations, providing infield installation and support as well as on-site fabrication. From our company’s founding we have held true to our service standard mantra of “Anytime. Anywhere. Any job.” We stand by this not as a marketing slogan but to declare the depth and breadth or our commitment to our clients. 

Too often we see that valuable additional sales dollars are neglected because of the capital-intensive and management-heavy set-up and operations of field divisions. We offer scale by implementing this service at a fraction of what the overhead costs would be to individual companies.

We eliminate the cost associated with this process while increasing client’s bottom line dollars.

By working as subcontractors and proxies of our clients we are able to offer above average industry service and capabilities to companies and industries that have been previously overlooked or under-served. Contact us today for a customized consultation on how we could add value to your bottom line with our field services division!