Lornat Inc

LorNat Inc. is an industrial and commercial, maintenance and repair company dedicated to fulfilling clients’ needs in a safe, satisfactory, and timely manner.



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Upon establishing LorNat, Inc, millwright services was at the core of our mission and business focus. 

Often unchanged and many times overlooked, we wanted to bring our clients value by doing business differently and more profitable, than our competitors.

We understand that this industry is as old as the Industrial Revolution itself, but that does not mean that we cannot bring modern techniques and new efficiencies to our clients' millwright operations. We are able to achieve greater success than our competitors because of our similar and related services that go far beyond traditional millwright services. From both inside and outside of our organization we can scale as needed to effectively execute upon any millwright contract at any facility.

It is important to note that our operations have taken us to mines in Alaska, insulation plants in Texas, and steel mills in New York just to name a few. Our diverse capabilities show that our circle of competence is extensive and our commitment to our customers regardless of geographic location is unparalleled. We define success by our repeat customers and our successful track record of completed projects as well as ongoing contracts. From Bar Mill decommissioning and subsequent new installation, to ongoing mill maintenance, cleaning, maintenance, & repair, LorNat Inc. 

Digitization and optimization techniques as well as attention to precision detail are constant standard operating procedures to which our team adheres and executes upon daily.

After establishing our company in 2012, we can proudly pronounce that we have over 1 million man hours in millwright experience. We accomplished this while always taking great pride in the work that we have been fortunate enough to earn and accomplishing our client’s demands in a safe and efficient manner. During this time we have had zero fatalities or serious injuries on the job. This is a credit to a company-wide exercised and dedicated safety program.

We look forward to discussing your millwright needs and how LorNat can be part of your solution.