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LorNat Inc. is an industrial and commercial, maintenance and repair company dedicated to fulfilling clients’ needs in a safe, satisfactory, and timely manner.


Let LorNat help your business operate more safely and efficiently through professional overhead crane inspection, repair, and Preventative Maintenance Programs. Our certified crane inspectors are well-versed in all major manufacturers of crane and hoisting equipment. We specialize in customizing solutions that keep costs minimized while increasing the productivity of plant operations.


Partnering with LorNat allows companies to derive more value from safe and efficient operations of their overhead crane equipment, thus reducing operational liability and cost inefficiencies from downtime. Our crane division has the depth and breadth of experience to assist with your preventative maintenance program as well as servicing any on-call issue including emergency situations.


While we look to give our clients a total and comprehensive servicing package, we also understand that when equipment is not functioning it is not earning revenue. Hence, we aim to be as convenient as possible in all facets of our requirement. Wealways work in a professional, courteous, and tidy manner and communicate any problems quickly, while adhering to strict safety and operational protocol.

on call 24/7 Emergency Service

Comprehensive parts inventory

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OSHA 1910.179 Inspections


We know that understanding and complying with OSHA 1910.179 inspections is yet another added layer of cost & administration for companies to assume in this very competitive market. We aim to alleviate these burdens by turning an unavoidable annoyance into an opportunity to save valuable time and money through a comprehensive and effectively managed preventative maintenance program. We achieve this by creating a customized plan around each client’s individual and exact needs. While inspections are included in our assessment, they are just one part of the total plan. We analyze use, duration, potential for failure, system redundancies, parts availability, and then combine these elements with a total understanding of your unique and organic operations. Upon final consensus in understanding our client’s needs, we then put together a comprehensive program that allows our customers to have confidence that their valuable assets are protected.


  •  Issues discovered during maintenance and PM programs are corrected timely and prior to them becoming far more severe & expensive
  • Prolong life of equipment
  • Downtime is significantly reduced
  • Workforce safety is increased
  • Proactive identification programs allow equipment to be service during downtime or non-peak hours, effectively eliminating interference with daily operations.

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